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If this is your first time talking with a counselor or entering into any kind of therapy, you may be curious. Maybe even a little scared. You’ve come to the right place.

Beginning any kind of therapy is an exercise in vulnerability and trust. At Kathryn Grooms & Associates Psychotherapy, you’ll discover a safe, comfortable environment where you’ll receive personalized care from skilled therapists so you can begin your path to healing.

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Treatment and Services

Our team of trauma-informed, holistically oriented therapists offers a variety of treatment and services to meet your needs. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Trauma
  • Substance Abuse / Misuse

  • Gender

  • Sexuality

  • Self-Worth/Self-Esteem

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief and Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

Explore. Support. Guide.

These are the ingredients in our formula for successful individual psychotherapy. We offer client-centered therapy to support and guide you as you master new tools to help manage your emotions and increase self-confidence, self-worth, and overall contentment with your life. Our licensed therapists are trained in the latest techniques, including psychodynamic therapy, relational therapy and/or EMDR. Our goal is to collaborate with you to help you let go of unhealthy behaviors and negative self-beliefs and begin to create the life and peace of mind you desire.

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Relationships change and evolve over time. And during these highs and lows, couples may experience challenging times of stress and unhappiness. At the heart of every strong relationship is good communication. It is essential to building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Our professional therapists work with couples to develop skills and methods of engagement that foster a more enriching and satisfying relationship. And, we help each person develop good communication techniques, which will help resolve issues now and serve as a solid foundation for maintaining a strong relationship in the future. Together, we will focus on supporting greater awareness of each individual’s “needs and wants” with the goal of strengthening the foundation for an enduring and more satisfying connection and relationship with one another.

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These groups are led by Kathryn Grooms, a certified Daring Way™ facilitator. Learn more –> (link to Daring Way™ page)

Using video, dialogue, and a variety of written and creative exercises, Kathryn works with clients to become more aware of the armor we all wear. We may think this armor is protecting us, but in reality, it is this very armor which is preventing the vital connections with ourselves and with others that we all crave. Kathryn helps clients identify and remove this armor so they can develop greater tolerance for vulnerability and self-compassion and move toward living more brave and fulfilled lives.

“If you’re looking to take a deep dive into learning about yourself while connecting with others, this is a safe place to find that community. Kathryn does a great job of teaching Brene Brown’s research so that you can personally explore shame and vulnerability and leave with tools to become more resilient.” – Daring Way Group™ participant

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For individuals unable to travel to our office, we offer the convenience of online therapy sessions via secure online platforms or by phone. Please note, these sessions are most often not reimbursable by insurance. If you think online therapy may be a good fit for you, give us a call (link to contact info).

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