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What folks are saying about Kathryn Grooms Psychotherapy…

“Kathryn is very skilled at listening deeply while being direct and helpful. As a colleague I refer clients knowing they will feel her compassion in a very active manner. She has a way of making a person feel seen and heard, while they are challenged to change and heal. I trust her clinical skills and judgement as a colleague who I truly respect.” ~ Colleague, Andrea Cornell, LMFT, www.counselornyc.com

“Not having much “traditional” therapy/counseling prior, I didn’t exactly know what to expect of working with Kathryn. I certainly expected her to listen – which she did exquisitely. Kathryn immediately put me at ease.  Kathryn’s calm voice and willingness to “show me how” to be a friend to myself by agreeing to be one to me, helped me find peace with past experiences as well as hope for new experiences.

Kathryn was always approachable and available, and lovingly held me accountable throughout the years we worked together.   I still keep in touch with her – even three years (and counting) later.  Who should work with her? I recommend her to all of my friends whether their issues be anxiety, addiction, abuse, depression, trauma, or anything in between.  She will always be present and supportive and encouraging.” Client CB

“Kathryn is an exceptional supervisor and I highly recommend her!  Her depth of knowledge and years of practice creates a supervisory experience that is an excellent balance of personalized education and support.  I always leave supervision with new learnings, awarenesses and skills to take directly to my practice.” Supervisee/Colleague, Amber Bankson, www.amberbankson.com