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Finding the right therapist is an important part of the process of change. We are available to speak on the phone to learn what you are seeking to address and to share information about how we might suggest working with these areas. A therapist will be suggested and if you feel we are a good fit, we will schedule an initial appointment.

Individual Therapy

Working together, we will curiously explore your thoughts and feelings. We will support and guide you as you gain new tools that can enable you to more effectively manage your emotions. We will work to increase your self-confidence and overall contentment with your life.

Couples/Relationship Therapy

Healthy communication is a key component in all of our relationships. We will work on developing skills and methods of engagement that foster a more enriching relationship. We will support the development of awareness of individual needs and wants in order to collectively strengthen or build a foundation that leads to an enduring, more satisfying connection.

Daring Way Therapy

Using video, dialogue and a variety of written and creative exercises Kathryn work’s with individual clients  to become more aware of the armor that we wear that prevents connection with ourselves and others rather than protecting us. We work together to put down this armor and develop greater tolerance for vulnerability and self-compassion so that we may live brave and fulfilled lives.

Harm Reduction Therapy

Using this approach we accept that individuals may engage in harmful behaviors (such as abuse of substances) and/or behaviors that inherently have the risk of harm. We seek to collaboratively work with clients to define those harmful behaviors and how they can be changed to incur less harm without requiring abstinence from the behavior.

Trauma Recovery Therapy

Traumatic experiences can cause long-lasting psychological injury and pain. Trauma distorts the way we see our lives. It can fortify detrimental, skewed beliefs about ourselves or the world. Unaddressed trauma causes us to feel and behave in ways that can be destructive. Using psychodynamic therapy, relational therapy and/or EMDR, we will support and guide you to develop new insight and associations that create room for you to let go of unhealthy behaviors and negative self-beliefs.

Health and Wellness Therapy

Our feelings, thoughts and behaviors are inextricably woven together. Often, we are unaware of these connections until we encounter behavioral patterns that prevent us from moving in a desired direction. Whatever your concerns, we will help you familiarize yourself with the choices you may be unconsciously repeating. Together we will develop tools to empower you to make different choices for a more harmonious balance in your life.

Online Therapy

For individuals unable to travel to our office, we offer Therapy sessions via a secure online platform or phone. Please note, these sessions are most often not reimbursable by insurance.

Professional Supervision

Kathryn offers client focused supervision for therapists seeking any of these licenses: LCSW, “R” status, LMHC, LP, LMFT or LCAT. Kathryn also offers case consultation and support for private practice development. For therapists specifically interested to practice the specific modalities, of Gestalt Therapy or Harm Reduction, we will bring specific attention towards building these skills and theoretical understanding.