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Whether you have previous experiences with psychotherapy or this is your first time reaching out, you may have questions about our practice and what our work together could look like. Here are some answers to questions new clients often ask.

Where do we start?

We begin with a brief phone consultation where you can share a bit about yourself and touch on some of what you’d like to address in therapy. From there, you’ll be assigned a therapist and we’ll schedule a first appointment and meet face-to-face.

How long does it usually take to determine if we are a good fit?

After our phone consultation and the initial appointment, clients usually have a feel for whether or not they work well enough to move forward.

How often do you prefer to meet with clients?

Especially in the beginning, we highly recommend meeting weekly. This provides us with consistent opportunities to develop a rapport. As our work together develops, we encourage personal assessments in order for us to arrange a schedule that suits your specific needs and schedule. Our goal is for you to get what you need out of therapy. As your needs change, so may your attendance. Some people find benefits in increasing the frequency of our appointments, others may choose decrease over time. Each person is unique and so is the nature of their needs.

How long does a typical client work with you?

Kathryn has worked with approximately 60% of her clients for four to six years. About 25% of her clients have worked with me for a one to two year duration. The remainder of her practice is comprised of people who are seeking short term therapy to address a specific issue. In cases like these, she usually works together for up to a year.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask clients to give 72 hours notice to cancel a session. If you’re not able to notify us in that amount of time, we will try to reschedule your session within the same week. If we are not able to accommodate a last-minute change, we ask that you pay for the session in full.

Do you accept insurance?

We work with all insurance out of network. We are happy to provide you a receipt or completed insurance form at the end of each month to submit for reimbursement.

Do you have any availability for low-income clients?

Our office has recently hired two new therapists in the interest of offering more reduced fee appointments and appointments on the weekends. Whenever we are not able to provide an appointment, we are happy provide referrals to colleagues and clinics that may be able to work.

If needed, will you work with my physician or psychiatrist?