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Joelle Fanciullo, LMSW

Joelle Fanciullo is a Licensed Social Worker who supports and empowers people struggling to love themselves and the scars they hold. She specializes in self-esteem, body image, and relational trauma. Her warm and insightful therapy style is informed by a background in neuroscience, body-centered psychotherapy, and spiritual healing.

Joelle’s own injuries, illnesses, and emotional ruptures led her down the path of mind-body healing nearly 20 years ago. Joelle is passionate to work with others to transcend pain and reverse self-destructive behaviors. Joelle’s gift to everyone she meets today is her wealth of knowledge and experience in the suffering and healing of deep emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds.

When you begin therapy with Joelle, the two of you will listen closely to your experiences through a blend of talk therapy and gentle, evidence-based, body centered techniques. In this way, you will learn to identity the root of your pain, and she will guide you toward what you want most in life. It is a fascinating, beautiful process she is honored to co-create with her clients.