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What Is Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapy?

Acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT (pronounced like the word “act”) is a type of therapy which blends mindfulness with self-acceptance. It can be a very powerful treatment for depression, anxiety, workplace or social anxieties, and more. It is particularly favorable for clients who are seeking holistic approaches in addition to or in place of medication.

Acceptance and commitment therapy can be

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming tuned into the feelings, emotions, and sensations occurring in the mind or body.

When we let negative feelings or thoughts take over, they can sometimes spiral out of control.

When you work with one of our trusted and highly trained therapists, you will be with a gentle, compassionate listener who provides a safe, nonjudgmental space for healing and growth.


During this unprecedented time, you may be experiencing increasing feelings of uncertainty, loss, anxiety, fear, grief or rage. We are all experiencing a different reality and it can and will affect everyone very differently.

Whether you’re performing an essential job that requires long hours and potential risk to your health, or you’re navigating school re-opening, returning to work or continuing to work from home and practicing social distancing, please know that you are not alone.

We are pleased to offer the same level of compassionate care through the convenience and confidentiality of TeleTherapy services, accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone. We are welcoming fully vaccinated clients to return to the office for in-person sessions on a case by case basis.

Please stay safe and know that we are with you.

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Payment can be cash, check or credit card. (Please note: there is a surcharge of $2.50 per invoice.) Payment is expected at the time of each session. We are an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. On a monthly basis we will be happy to provide receipts and/or completed insurance forms for you to submit for out of network reimbursement.
We request that you provide no less than 3 days (72 hours) notification to cancel appointments. We will make every effort to reschedule cancelled sessions within the same week, at no additional fee. If you cancel within the 72 hour period, and we are not able to reschedule within that time frame, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of our session. Note: this cannot be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.

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