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Finding Our Way Through Fear

Everywhere I turn today I see people experiencing fear. I see it in their eyes as they cautiously make eye contact with me. I read it in their Facebook posts as they express worry about the future safety for women, immigrants, people of color, people of the lgbtq community. I hear it in the rants [...]

Healing Ourselves & Our Relationships

Some of the most important work I facilitate with individuals and couples is exploring what is emerging in one’s relationship with one’s partner. For most people, being in a relationship involves effort, and reveals the best, and most challenging parts of one’s self. This is because when in a relationship, individuals are simultaneously reveling in [...]

When Drugs Cause Harm

In light of the media attention surrounding the drug related death of  the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, I find it pertinent to post some observations from of my 17 years of clinical work with individuals struggling with substance use. This is not a post about this particular actor’s substance use, as I cannot possibly know [...]



Using a Gestalt Lens to Start a Successful Private Practice



It is with great excitement that I announce the opening of my private psychotherapy practice in Ellicott City, Maryland. My new office is located at 5116B Dorsey Hall Drive, Ellicott City, MD. My office is conveniently located just off Route 29 and Route 108 in Howard County, near Dorsey Hall and Centennial Park.  It is [...]

New Office Location

I am excited to announce that in 2014, I will expand my practice to begin working with clients in the Ellicott City/Columbia Maryland area. I look forward to posting more updates about this development  soon.

What is Harm Reduction Psycotherapy

A psychotherapeutic approach that accepts that individuals may engage in harmful behaviors and/or behaviors that inherently have the risk of harm; and that seeks to collaboratively work with those individuals to define those harmful behaviors and what and how those behaviors can be changed to incur less harm without requiring the discontinuation of or abstinence [...]

What is EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been proven effective for the treatment of trauma. Trauma is any experience that causes one to develop erroneous beliefs about oneself or the world and to behave in ways that are not helpful for that individual. Traumas can lead to the symptoms [...]

What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic psychotherapeutic approach focusing on awareness in the present moment and seeking to support individuals to free themselves of dysfunctional behavior patterns so they may live more fully. Gestalt therapy focuses in the present-tense on feelings and body-sensations, tuning in to what exists in the moment. In the process of focusing [...]