You may not control all the events that happen to you,                                  but you can decide to not be reduced by them.

-Maya Angelou


kathryn grooms, psychotherapist in nyc

Are you struggling to leave the past behind?

Our sessions can be opportunities to explore
the possibilities of positive change.

Often, events in our lives create wounds that time alone has not healed. These experiences impact us all in different ways. Do you find yourself wishing you could stay more in the present moment? You may fear that your history will repeat itself and have begun structuring your life around what you don’t want to happen rather than what you do. Working together, we can begin to develop new ways of being in your present and thinking about your future.

I offer committed support as you identify changes you would like to make in your life and what thoughts, beliefs and behaviors may be standing between you and a more balanced life. Whether you are going through a significant life transition, managing a crisis or seeking to foster a deeper sense of self-awareness and compassion, we will work collaboratively to help you feel more in charge of your feelings, your choices and your life.


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